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TB = Test Bank

Sm Solution manual

IM Instructor manual

  • What is the Test Bank (TB)?

a test bank is a collection of all the questions and answers that your
instructor uses when making an exam. the questions are broken down
chapter by chapter and give you the answer so you can study
independently or ace the upcoming exam!





Why should I use it to study?

* become familiar with how material will be tested

* see the format of the test

* practice test-taking skills

* simulate a timed exam

* gain more experience with course content

  • What is a SOLUTION MANUAL (SM)?

A Solutions Manual contains all the answers to the questions in the book with detailed explanations and examples.


An Instructor’s Manual is the guide that your teacher may use when making lesson plans and contain extra questions and answers, lab assignments, and more.

Note: sometimes the solutions manual is same as the instructor manual 

  • What are the formats of the books and do I need specific software to access them?

The book will be sent to you as an electronic book – electronic format (PDF or Microsoft Word Document DOC) whatever is available…

And we do send the book in universal file formats that can be accessed using any operating system. However, sometimes you would have to install some special software.

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